Уроки англійської мови

22.01.2018 22:47

    У ппонеділок, 22 січня 2018р., на уроках англійської мови, які проводить учитель англійської мови Н.В. Харко з волонтером Джортаною Торрес обговорювались важливі теми для старшокласників, такі як «Ринок Роботи», «Як це бути дружнім до довкілля» та «Відомі світові будівлі».

    Джортаною були підготовані презентації,  на основі яких проводилася бесіда зі  старшокласниками. 

    Джортана додала:  “Today I conducted a short part of the lesson for 9th formers  on what it means to be environmentally friendly, or  eco-friendly. I paid attention on some establishments that are considered eco-friendly. Then we discussed what they can do in their daily life to be eco-friendly. The Peace Corps Youth Development Project Framework has three goals, one of which is preparing youth to become active citizens and being environmentally friendly is one way to engage youth with this goal.

     For 11 formers I prepared a short presentation on some of the most famous skyscraper. This was also an opportunity to engage students in some cultural exchange.

    For 10th form I presented a short Power Point on the Job Market. Last week they learned how to write CV and Covering letter. This week I introduced what the job market is and what they need to know. This information is important for  these students as they are about three years away from being old enough to start working.”